Entry #2

New stuff in the works

2010-04-29 23:12:06 by Lord-Desolator

Firstly, I hope you enjoyed the improved Fruit N' Veg Attack II animation. Glad to have gotten that done.

Secondly, production for animation number 3 has started and it looks to be very fucked up already. It'll be a slow process, as I have been very busy lately, but it'll get there. Pre-production for other animations has begun as well and in the process, some cabalisticly grotesque drawings have been done.

Finally, if I can figure out how to submit stuff to the Art and Audio portals, you might see something soon enough, since I have a lot of drawings and tunes in the works. Question is, which one to finish first.


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2010-06-10 18:29:00

Sounds good! Can't wait for Fruit N' Veg Attack 3. Keep it up, man!

Lord-Desolator responds:

Cheers man. :) Got a long way to go yet, but it'll be done.


2010-06-29 01:18:37

I'm looking forward to seeing new stuff from you

Lord-Desolator responds:

Glad to hear that, thanks. Might be a while, but it'll come.


2010-10-31 01:20:32

We both haven't made shit in ages... what's got you held up?

(Updated ) Lord-Desolator responds:

I mostly blame my case on laziness. I've been pretty busy with work at times but in my spare time I haven't really been motivated. I've worked on bits and pieces but I get bored after a while and gotta work on something else or just do nothing, haha.

I've also sold a bit of my soul to Dawn of War, Starcraft 2 and some other games. Though I'm kinda over SC2. I also spend too much time reading shit on the net too, just another bad habit.

One project I've been working on is a messed up story, which I've taken baby steps with.

I've also got some newish stuff at my website (The Asylumentary) if you're interested in looking.