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Fruit N' Veg 2 improvement is at hand

2010-02-28 01:02:43 by Lord-Desolator

Experimentation and improvement for Fruit N' Veg Attack 2: Blood Ash Salad has taken place. It's mainly a matter of fine tuning the animations as improving it has created many a big mess, haha. After that is done and submitted, I will keep the older version somewhere on my website in case anyone prefers that.

I hope to get this done at some point in March.

Please note that it won't be much longer than before. I still prefer to deliver my abominations in small doses so that they (a) don't take too long to load and that (b) it will be lean with the fat cut out.

In addition, pre-production for more stuff has started. I'll try not to hype that up too much, lest I have higher expectations to meet!


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2010-03-10 06:33:04

awesome. keep goin!

(Updated ) Lord-Desolator responds:

Will do mate. :) It's almost finished, I think.